March 28, 2010 Tokyo

I finally was able to find the full video (for now) of Kirsten Dunst. This has been disappearing from YouTube faster than it can be posted. So who knows how long this link will be up.

What's new?
I'm on Spring break
I signed a new contract with a small raise! Unbelievable!
I've been playing the hell out of the PlayStation 3
Went to Tokyo Sea, was way too crowded
Not sure what else to say...going to mount Fuji next month for a weekend. I'm looking forward to that. Well, write me if you are interested in what I'm doing. Later.

 February 27, 2010 Tokyo

Just testing if this works:

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 December 13, 2009 Tokyo

Ok, I haven't really been updating this site for several reasons. Mostly I originally had this site to share pictures with family back in the USA. So now since most people use Facebook and I can upload an unlimited amount of pics to Facebook for free without the hassle of having to make thumbpics and editing, its just natural that I have been sharing my pics through that site. So if you want to see more pics then you can either email me directly or find me on facebook.

Another thing is that I just haven't been in the mood to write. And I really have to find a reason to write to get online and edit this website manually via tripod's dated interface. Also with me being very lazy by nature that leads to long periods of silence. So, sorry about that mom! But you can email me if you want.

Ok, so with that out of the way lets get to some sort of update. It's just about the end of 2009, along with this decade. This year Ive been doing the usual; working, studying Japanese (rarely), not keeping in touch (!), and trying to make my way in Japan.

I've added some new pics so please enjoy some of them, more can be found on Facebook. I'm not planning on going to the USA for the holidays. I think its been about three years since I last visited. It's been a while, but my plan is to make my dad miss me enough to actually come and visit me once. So far, its not working. ;)

I'm now on vacation until the tenth of January! But no plans really. I want to do a little trip to an onsen or some place historical. If I do I will share it on this page.

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 November 4, 2009 Tokyo

And now for all the ladies out there.
If you want to see a real man.
A man's man.
A He-man.
The epitome of macho.
View this.
One word: Mandom.

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 October 31, 2009 Tokyo

Some people can argue that Japan often imitates the west. The U.S. specifically, almost imitating certain aspects of it's culture and twisting it into their own. As if the modern Japan has become some sort of mirror that is held up to the U.S. to show what a successful modern nation can become.

I can appreciate this view point. After all, the U.S. was the only country to have defeated Japan and successfully occupy, transform and re-energize the populace to become it's own global powerhouse. Japan really is a unique place and has it's own way of viewing the world and presenting itself in a way that can be admired and at times that can be quite baffling.

Case in point; The recent tie-in campaign that Burger King has with Microsoft. Burger King is offering a seven patty whopper to coincide with the release of Windows 7. Seven patties for seven hundred and seventy-seven yen.

I have to wonder if Japan will only be satisfied with itself only after it has become equal to the U.S. in every way possible, including obesity!

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 October 2, 2009 Tokyo

Can't believe it's been over a month since I've updated this page and a lot longer since I've added any pics or anything worth reading. So if you've been coming to this page to see what I've been up to I'm sorry for the neglect!
I've been enjoying my job teaching and Bunkyo. Haven't had any problems or drama, which is of course a great thing. The only thing that's been happening lately is that a lot of my classes have been canceled due to outbreaks of the H1N1 virus. In fact one of the English teachers was absent today because of this. Tends to put me on my toes, but I'm not too concerned with it. I wonder if I should be more than I am though.

Also all of these recent disasters occurring in this part of the world is making me edgy. I just know the big Tokyo quake is gonna hit when I just happen to be living here. Though I always thought the big LA quake was always just around the corner, along with the imminent Soviet first strike.
What else? Errr...I keep spending money on Macross merchandise and my room is a small shrine to anime. I need to move soon if not for the simple fact that I am running out of space to display all of my finds.

Facebook, Twitter Revolutionizing How Parents Stalk Their College-Aged Kids

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 August 31, 2009 Tokyo

This is the last week of this two month long vacation I have and I will start work this Friday.
I'm actually looking forward to getting back to work soon.
That's about it really. I've been watching the ridiculous antics going on over in the USA about health reform. People arguing about the government interference in their lives. Same idiots that didn't notice that the PUBLIC SCHOOLS and POST OFFICE seem to have been above all of this rhetoric about a socialism spiral.
Anyways, here's my latest liberal video for your enjoyment:

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 July 11, 2009 Tokyo

I'm on vacation! Whoo-hoo! Anyways, just sweating it in Tokyo. Been to a few games and I plan on going tomorrow. That's about it. I'll post some pics sooner or later.

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 June 1, 2009 Tokyo

Got a chance to see the new Star Trek movie yesterday. I thought it was pretty good. I never really considered myself to be a "trekkie". That label never seemed to fit me. Even though I think I have seen every episode of the original, the Next Generation, Deep Space nine, Voyager, and most of Enterprise not to mention every movie.
Sheesh, if I lay it all out like that it seems only logical that I would be a "trekkie". But it's not like I ever bought any Trek merchandise though, and I have never been to a Trek convention, nor would I wear a Trek uniform. So maybe I am only a fan? I don't know, either way the new movie was pretty fun, which I can honestly say that the last few movies have not been. Seems the audience I saw it with enjoyed Chekov the most. I suppose they could relate to him the most, as when he was having trouble pronouncing his 'v's for the computer. Seems even in the future there will be a job for English teachers.

Got my computer back on Friday. The best part, aside from not losing any data, is that it cost me absolutely nothing! I guess it was a manufacturing defect.

Also finally got a spirited comment from my old friend Lisa in the comments section. Seems she didn't agree with my rant. Fair enough.
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 May 26, 2009 Tokyo

My computer has been in the repair shop for over a week now, so I havent been able to update this page or do anything else. I'm surviving on my iPhone for my internet access/fix. Supposedly it might take another two weeks at most. I don't know if I can hold out that long. I only hope that all my information is safe and not erased during the repair. :(
Well, nothing new is going on. I've just been trying to save up some money to go to Osaka, but now this computer problem has come up and I don't know how much money it will cost me to have it repaired. Also I have to renew my lease in July, so there goes more of my cash. Everytime I have a little bit of money to use something comes up.

Below is a commercial using a boy band to sell cockroach poison. Listen to the end when the cute boy says "Gokiburi (cockroach) go to heaven."

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 April 27, 2009 Tokyo

Just at home, watching "Sicko" by Michael Moore. Makes me ashamed and disgusted with the American HMO system and the useless, money whoring politicians that have graced our country for the past 40 years or so.

Thanks to the ultimate asshole (Nixon), we are the only civilized western country without a healthcare system for everyone. Free of charge, or at least affordable, given to the people by the government that should be taking care of it's citizens. I can not say that I am proud of my country. The way we are treated by our government (like children) and to FEAR everything: SOCIALISM= Free college/Free health care, makes me wish we would have a damn revolution. My mom came to Japan and needed medical care. Was taken to a Japanese hospital via ambulance, treated and released within a three hour period. Cost for her uninsured visit? About 3000 yen (thirty dollars).

Watch the movie Sicko and you will share my despair. I don't know what to think of my home country. It has not been a place of pride for decades now. It's not a place I am eager to get back to. So I continue to pay for my credit card (%25APR FUCK YOU), my school loans ($30,000+) while I live in a country that is safer and provides a little bit more.

Yeah, I'm pissed at the USA. Shouldn't you be? What are you proud of?

Disagree? Tell me about it in the forums.

OK, rant over. Going back to my drink and watch something a little less depressing. But before I go: FU Cheney/G.W.Bush(thanks for the war) and all other assholes.

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 April 24, 2009 Tokyo

Ive got about 30 minutes until I start my busiest day (Friday). After this weekend I only have to work on Monday, then there will be a set of consecutive holidays that follow one after the other. This is called "Golden Week" in Japan and it's when most people tend to take their vacations. So of course every scenic place in Japan will be crowded and the tickets to travel cost more than usual. But I am still happy to have another mini vacation after I'm just coming back from a month off for Spring break!
I think I will go to an onsen in Kamakura next weekend. Other than that I will catch a few games of the Saitama Lions! Too bad they aren't doing well this year. :(
Ok, gotta go prepare for my classes. Have to listen to some speeches about gestures from other countries!

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 March 29, 2009 Tokyo

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 March 2, 2009 Tokyo

At home today and tomorrow will be my last day for the school year. I will return to work in April. This school year has gone by so fast. I can't believe all the free time I have off as well. Too bad I don't have a lot of cash to enjoy it all!

On the 22nd last month I went to Akihabra to attend the Macross official launch party. In the anime the SDF-1 launches on the 22nd of February 2009. 25 years ago when Macross first was shown on TV that seemed like an appropriate time in the future for mankind to take off into the stars and fight an intergalactic war of survival and spread Japanese pop music to the universe!

So there were a lot of Macross fans in attendance with staff interviews and people enjoying karaoke and of course the obligatory items for sale (posters, cups, toys, etc).

Needless to say I was in heaven.
I bought a lot of useless stuff but the best part of the event was that I ran into two of my former students from Moka, Tochigi-ken! While I was browsing through all of the vendors I felt a tug on my shirt and I looked to see two young girls. They asked me if I was Arlotti sensei. I said yeah, and then there faces clicked. I could only remember one of their names but it was so great to see some old students again. Unfortunately they couldn't speak very good English so we spoke in Japanese. I got their email addresses and took my picture with them. It was great. View the images page for more pics.

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 February 9, 2009 Tokyo

I don't know what is stranger; receiving an email from an ex-girlfriend after many years of no contact or receiving an email from an ex-girlfriend's ex from many years ago.
This past weekend I received an email from a guy (someone whom I have never met) who simply wrote one sentence: "I too was ______'s boyfriend."

Not sure how I should take that or if I should even ponder the vagueness of it all. I simply replied "Great. Maybe we can make a fan club".

Valentine's Day is coming! Whoohoo! I hope I get some chocolate! For the big romantic day I will go to Ito peninsula to relax at an onsen.
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 January 25, 2009 Tokyo

It's been cold this week. And it is cold again today. Not the coldest I've ever endured, but cold nevertheless. But what can one expect from January?

Seems there is something in the water at my school. Three English teachers have announced that they are pregnant within the last two months. Two other English teachers are getting married and that means that they will be leaving our school for at least a few months.

Just got finished downloading some music and cleaning my kitchen and bathroom. Now I'm trying to get up the energy to go out and do something today. But in a weird way I just don't feel like going out in the cold to go spend some money that I should probably be saving.

I'm still happily working at the same school. No real updates to speak of. I know this wasn't a very exciting update, but I just felt guilty looking at my webpage with no updates occurring since December. So, please excuse this one.
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 December 22, 2008 Tokyo

I've been enjoying my month off of work for this year's winter vacation. A month is a nice long time to forget about work. Maybe too long, but I'll have to debate that another time.

Last week I went to Nagano on a small trip to visit two different castles. One of the things that I enjoy doing in Japan is visiting old sites, such as shrines and temples but especially castles. Though most of the castles have been rebuilt over the years its still a cool thing to go and visit a castle that's not in Disneyland!

Click on the castle or go to the images page to view my pics.

This week is Christmas, which when in Japan means its basically the non religious aspect of the holiday. Which is fine by me actually. That's what most people tend to focus on anyways. The gifts, the trees, the pretty lights and all. Kind of ironic. But I digress...Tomorrow I will go to view some nice Christmas lights (as the Japanese would say: "illumination") and then on Christmas eve I will have a nice home cooked meal and some drinks and enjoy the night. Next day it's the traditional KFC chicken bucket! Which is so popular in Japan that one has to make a reservation in at least a week if you hope to score the precious chicken bucket. Maybe even a Christmas cake?
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